Horizontal Mixer Mill

Horizontal Mixer mill
Horizontal Mixer mill GT200 is a commonly used tool, the laboratory sample preparation by tungsten carbide ball or stainless steel beads in the sample tube swings back and forth to realize crushing, mixing, homogenization and cell disruption.

Product Details

Horizontal Mixer Mill


1.Product introduction

Horizontal Mixer mill GT200 is commonly used in the laboratory sample preparation. by tungsten carbide ball or stainless steel beads in the sample tube swings back and forth horizontally to realize crushing, mixing, homogenization and cell disruption, The hard, soft, elastic and other samples can be quickly ground and homogenized. It can undertake cells broken and DNA/RNA extraction, widely used in agriculture, biological medicine, food, quality inspection fields.


2.Features and advantages

Suitable for dry, wet and freezing grinding

Extremely short processing time

Designed for high sample throughput, up to 192 sample preparations

It can mix and homogenize samples efficiently

Wide range of grinding jars and accessories for extensive applications.

Pre-setting of all working parameters digitally, the result is reproducible

The transparent window on the upper lid allows the user to check the

grinding situation at any time

The upper lid has a safety lock device, when the upper lid is opened in the

grinding process, the motor will stop running to ensure the user personal


Program setting can control the operation time, interim grinding and

program storage etc.



The clamping device of GT200 can not only clamp two standard deep hole plates, but also applies to anything that has the same size, including with less or more hole deep hole plate, etc.

Many kinds of materials grinding jar, the maximum volume up to 50mL

Suitable for processing the soil, mineral, plant,dental materials and so on.

Cryo kit for cooling the grinding jars or adapter with liquid nitrogen

Various of reaction vials for freezing grinding:Plastic ,PC,PTFE and stainless steel reaction vials, with stainless steel, zirconium oxide and tungsten carbide balls, which can be used to treat small volume samples in cryogenic mill.

Be suitable for 96 hole deep well plate ,and with 3mm and 5mm sizes for choice.

4.Test report






Original size


Feed quantity


Required fineness


Sample characteristic

soft, fluffy

Subsequent analysis

Other requirements

dry grinding


Instrument selected

Micro Ball Mill GT200


grinding jar 50ml stainless steel;

grinding balls Φ30 stainless steel





Achieved result



1.The sample should not be more than the 1/3 of the grinding jar.

2.A small amount of clumping can be found during grinding.

Sample Comparison

Before Grinding

After Grinding



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