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POWTEQ Attends Analytica 2018 Shanghai

- Nov 02, 2018 -

Analytica 2018 (Shanghai) for POWTEQ company, is a new beginning. POWTEQ enables the new LOGO POWTEQ and displays in brand new image in the exhibition.

 ”POWTEQ” consists of two parts: POW and TEQ. POW stands for POWDER, indicating that our business area is POWDER material preparation. TEQ stands for TECHNOLOGY, indicating that POWTEQ focus on innovation and technology. POWTEQ will continue to work in the sample preparation fields, introducing smart, efficient grinding products that amaze users.


Powteq’s booth is designed with simple and elegant style, The overall color is mainly grey and orange, reflecting a sense of technology and vitality.


1In this exhibition, Powteq launched three new products: micro ball mill GT300, planetary ball mill BM40 and knife mill HM300. The appearance of these three new products not only won the unanimous praise of the experts in the new product release, but also caught the eyes from the audience in the exhibition site.

GT300 grinding chamber cover is made of transparent plastic, which can easily observe the working status of the grinding jar; A temperature control system is designed to meet the requirements of temperature-sensitive biological samples.


BM40 can be continuously filling the gas to meet the needs of sample preparation such as limestone and hydrogen storage materials, and has been granted the invention patent by the state intellectual property office; Designed with an indicator device for grinding jar clamping, when the grinding jar is loose or displaced, the instrument stops running immediately, which ensures better safety.


HM300 adopts double-layer rotary knife design to improve the grinding speed and enhance the grinding effect. It is driven by high-power DC brushless motor and the speed is continuously adjustable.


Traders from South Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries spoke highly of Powteq's products. They were surprised that "made in China" products could be so different, which also provided a good opportunity for Powteq to explore the markets in the Asian region.



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