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Powteq Delegates Visit Malaysia Distributor

- Oct 13, 2018 -

Powteq Delegates Visit Malaysia Distributor


Powteq delegates visited Malaysia distributor Orbiting Scientific from Oct. 8 to 12.

Orbiting Scientific is the leading company in Malaysia specialized in laboratory instruments with nearly 20 years’ experience.

This trip mainly aims at the extensive communication in the application and market situation of sample preparation technology in Malaysia, and to deepen mutual understanding.

Powteq has given a presentation on the popular product: Knife Mill HM100, Mortar Grinder MG200, Micro Ball Mill GT200. These mills are widely used in the agriculture, food, environment, biology, ect area and enjoy good reputation among the clients. During the training seminar, working principles and operating procedures has been studying thoroughly.Orbiting staff show great interest in the product, took active part in questioning and share their valuable experience.


With the joint efforts of Orbiting company, Powteq has established the product application and demonstration laboratory, to provide more convenient sample testing service and demo service to the local clients.




Delegates visited the leading palm planting enterprise in South Asia, and provide a customized size reduction solution for sample preparation.

Powteq delegates also visited the local end users Forest Research Institution Malaysia to know how they feel about Powteq product. Customer return visit is a good way to collect feedbacks from customers, solve the problems and produce more suitable solutions to the customers.

During the visit, general manager of Powteq, Mr. Du was deeply impressed by the corporate culture of Orbiting. Honesty, Integrity, diligence, the core value of the company was deeply rooted in the heart of Orbitingers.


President of Orbiting, Mr. Lai extended his thanks for the support from Powteq and express his confidence in pushing the sales in Malaysia.

This visit facilitates to gain direct and deep understanding between Powteq and Orbiting. It lays solid foundation for further development of Southern Asia market.

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